Scalar Qi device

One of the original discoveries of Tesla, Scalar waves are better known as zero point energy waves but it is thought that Scalar waves were originally detected by a Scottish mathematical genius called James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879).  What is known about Scalar waves?  A Scalar Wave is a non-linear, non-Hertzian, standing wave capable of supporting significant effects including carrying information and inducing higher levels of cellular energy, which greatly enhances the performance and effectiveness of the body and immune system. Additionally it helps to clear negative cellular memory by shifting polarity, similar to erasing the memory of a cassette tape with a magnet. Scalar Waves travel faster than the speed of light and do not decay over time or distance. 
One of the more interesting studies makes the following claims:
  • Eliminates and nullifies the effects of man-made frequencies in the human body (cell phones, computers, WiFi, microwaves, and other sources).
This on its own would validate the use of a scalar wave generator. 
The Scalar Qi actually plugs into any of the Avazzia devices and uses the onboard power to generate its wave form.
This product ships separately!

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