Qi Wave PEMF generator pads

The QiWave™ generates a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) with outputs that correspond to the pulsed input from an external stimulation source or frequency generator such as your Avazzia device
The QiWave family of PEMF pads are designed for professional or home use and offer easy-to-use features.
The 12" x 18" pad contains 3 Tesla coils. It can be used to treat large areas at a time for deep muscle relaxation, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory needs.
The 6" x 12" pad contains a single Tesla coil. It is excellent for small treatment areas as well as lying on to generate specific brainwave fields such as delta for sleep.
Both project the PEMF field both above and below the pad, there is no specific top or bottom.  The healing field can extend up to 3 feet deep.


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