**Microcurrent Advanced Pain Relief Devices

Microcurrent Biofeedback Neuromodulation Therapy is sometimes referred to as Star Trek medicine; this stimulates the body to heal itself.  With built-in biofeedback sensors, the trigger points can be accurately located and eliminated. Pain felt in one place can actually be caused at another place.  We call this referred pain, such as when a heart attack is felt as pain in the left arm instead of pain in the chest. 

Cells in the body communicate with each other both chemically and electrically.  Rather than taking medications that have whole body actions and side effects, microcurrent utilizes and unblocks the electrical communication pathways to remove the source of the problem rather than simply mask the symptoms. It removes the inflammation allowing repair to occur. It also eliminates the cellular memory of trauma improving appearance and effects of scarring. 

How is it different than normal TENS or EMS units? TENS units aimed at numbing nerves to relieve pain.  EMS units use a pulsed square wave forcing muscles to move for rehabilitation purposes. These put stress on the body, by design. Alternatively, microcurrent uses a sinus wave, same as your heartbeat, to communicate with the body in its own language. It doesn't just send signals, it receives them and adjusts accordingly, at 1/1000th the power level. It relieves stress on the body rather than causing it. 

Everything from simple abrasions, sprains and strains to complicated body malfunctions including diabetes, fibromyalgia, and copd can be effectively relieved and sometimes removed entirely.  An initial consultation with a trained practitioner is recommended. Please email contact@erasingpain.com for a consultation or referral to a local practitioner.

 A prescription (or provider license) is required to purchase many devices! Further ordering information and a prescription form (required for insurance reimbursement even if not for purchase) are provided HERE

Once a prescription is provided, kits can be sold directly. Orders can be placed but will not be processed and shipped until a prescription is received (if required).  Simply scan and email to info@electromassagesupply.com. If you have any questions about the process or need a referral for consultation to someone in your area please email us at any time. 

See our helpful links page for more detailed information on microcurrent theory, therapy, training and more. 

• With a Pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices
• Who may be pregnant
Read Owners Manual before beginning any treatment. 
(Not intended for diagnosis or treatment of disease)