Electrical stimulation offers a wonderful flexible range of sensations that can be varied from a mild to a more intense 'tingling' feeling. It feels similar to a vibrator but it operates directly on the nervous or muscle system, stimulating the nerve endings to give a deeper, more intense feeling. Everyone is different so some people will find certain levels and settings to be more pleasurable than others...the secret is to take your time and experiment, but above all be safe. 


The use of Electro Stimulation (E-Stim), EMS, pulse generator and TENS units is widely enjoyed by many people, male and female, but as with most activities there are some significant safety considerations. 

E-stim is unsuitable and potentially dangerous for users with:

  • Cardiac Pacemakers and other implanted medical devices of any kind
  • Any history of heart dysrhythmia or other cardiac disturbances
  • EKG Monitors & Alarms - Monitors and alarms for EKG units may not operate properly
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Undiagnosed Pain
  • Under the age of 18
If there is any possibility of any of these conditions, please seek the advice and supervision of a licensed physician. 
E-stim should never be used in these locations:
  • Throat (Carotid Sinus) - Do not use over the nerves, muscles or arteries of the throat or the larynx (voice box) - strong muscle contractions could close the airway.
  • Eyes - Do not use on the eyelids.
  • Head - anywhere above the neck. Absolutely do not place electrodes so electrical flow is from one side of the head to the other!
  • Across the chest (hand-to-hand on the same person counts as 'across the chest'). Despite what you might see on electro sex videos, unipolar electrodes from nipple to nipple is a risky proposition.  The heart is a rather important organ that runs on electrical signals and passing a current across the chest MAY disrupt its operation. For the safest play, use e-stim below the waist only. If you  want to stim above the waist, do so with localized bi-polar electrodes only. 
  • On areas of broken or irritated skin
  • Across inflamed joints
  • Piercings. E-Stim may cause burns at high voltage levels on small contact areas. This is the reason that piercing's should NOT be used as a contact point.
For safety purposes, never put unipolar electrodes on either side of the chest, like on the breasts for example. It sends the electrical current potentially across the heart and can interfere with the heart beating. The heart is located in the center of the chest underneath the breastbone. If you want to take the risk of using unipolar electrodes above the waist at all, pair them close together, one above and one below a nipple for example, so the current stays in one area and doesn't travel across the chest at all. 
Higher power levels with boxes that aren't standard EMS/TENS units are much more dangerous and should not be used for above the waist play at all.