These are different than you will find elsewhere. They don't just have a sheet of flexible rubber tucked around them, they have a solid electroconductive rubber ring that snaps on to the edge for a perfect fit that doesn't come loose at inopportune moments. Use a little gel for a great suction seal. Release the pressure easily by pulling the button on the top, partially or completely. Customize the pressure by the number of squeezes on the suction gun handle. A great way to combine multiple sensations into one product!

XXL is 5.8 cm   (5 cm = 2 inches)

XL is 5.0 cm

L is 4.2 cm  (same size as available previously)

M is 3.3 cm  (known as small size previously)

S is 2.4 cm

XS is 1.6 cm

Very easy to use, no adapters needed. Just plug in any standard 2mm pin lead to the hole in the rubber ring. 


Set comes with one electrocupping gun and one pair of each size for a total of 12 cups. 

Order pairs of individual sizes separately (no gun included). Suction guns also available separately. 


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