Face Electrode

The NEW Face Electrode, custom made to work with Avazzia Machines without an adapter. The Face Electrode comprises of an electrode plate similar to that built into the back of the Avazzia device, but on a much smaller scale. The plate has full conductivity, is raised so that oils and creams will not erode the electrode's circuitry (and enabling full 360 degree cleaning with Alcohol Swabs). The Electrode's portal accepts the standard leadwire's pin - so you can just plug it in and let it work!

This attachment fits in the hand beautifully, and it's small size makes it useful for:

  • Cosmetic Treatments
  • Self Treatment
  • Little Wings
  • Vagus Nerve
  • Any Dosing Program (Three Pathways, Little Cross, Dragon's Tail, etc.)
  • Fingers
  • Ankles
  • Between the Toes
  • Sinuses
  • Small hard-to-reach areas

And much, much more.

This attachment's small size and huge flexibility make it one of the biggest must-have attachments next to the Y Electrode.

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