Unipolar Body Clamps Small

These are the UNIPOLAR option.  This means two are required to create a sensation pathway. 


These come in 2 sizes, small and large. Small is approximately the size of a wrist, Large is approximately the size of a female C or D cup breast. They have by far the strongest spring of any clamps we carry. 

They also feature our new multi-connector: you can snap on to it, or put either a pin or banana through the hole and screw it down. No adapters ever needed, but works best/most secure with snaps. ***NOTE- these fit the larger 3.9mm snap!*** We have adapters here or purchase them together at a discount. 


Male applications include a small one behind the corona and a large one behind the ballsack.

Females generally prefer two large ones on the breasts.


They are sold by the pair, one red and one black, of whichever size you prefer. The variety set will be the same color, specify red or black if you have a preference. 

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