Cleaner/disinfectant wipes

Now available in 2 sizes

 PROTEX™  DISINFECTANT WIPES 60 ct Softpack 6.5" x 6.0" non-abrasive wipes and 80 ct Softpack 7" x 10" non abrasive wipes

A one-step, cleaner/disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA, HIV, Herpes, Staph and many others. Both clean and disinfect all your toys and accessories with no messy sprays, and the packs have an optional sticky back to put in any convenient place!


  • Alcohol–free
  • For hospitals and institutional use
  • Convenient pre-packaged wipes
  • Softpack has "STAY PUT" adhesive backing that secures to most surfaces
Protex is a one-step, cleaner/disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal*, fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and their odors, when used as directed. Protex is effective against:

  • MRSA
  • *Norovirus
  • VISA
  • HIV-1
  • H1N1 Influenza A
  • E. coli
  • *Herpes
  • VRE
  • *Human
  • *Influenza
  • *HBV
  • *HCV
  • Salmonella

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