Snap Adapter Kit Deluxe

Sold out.

Everything you need to use your snap leads with every other type of accessory! Convert your snaps into bananas, pins, or alligator clips.

Perfect for Zeus and P.E.S. brand power boxes!



2 Fe snap to pin plug adapters 

2 Male snap to pin plug adapters

4 pin jack to banana plug adapters (2 red, 2 black)

2 pin jack to small alligator clips (1 red, 1 black)

2 male snap to insulated gator clips (only red available)

2 male snap to female snap extension cables

2 female snap to 2 female snap Y cables

2 male snap to 2 female snap Y cables

1 triphase 2 pin jacks to 1 female snap joiner


More than $100 if purchased separately!

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