Massage Mouse Kit

Sold out.

It can look very cute or very benign- like any other computer mouse. But it's a powerful single channel massage device.  It has 3 modes and is our new favorite! The random mode pulses and escalates in one of the most pleasurable patterns we have ever encountered. The other 2 are pulses of different speeds. 

Easy to use, it has a turn-dial for intensity that allows incremental adjustments and prevents any possible push-button sharpness. It has a 1 hour auto-shutoff.

The "mouse ears" are functional as a document holder, or can be easily removed. It operates with 3 AAA batteries or a USB port. You can have a massage from your computer and no one will ever know.

Comes with mouse, ears, 1 sheet of pads, 1 leadwire and one mini-usb to USB cable.

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