Ezzi Lift Skincare

No prescription is required to purchase these devices.
 The professional Home Microcurrent Facelift System!
The ezzi-lift™ System is natural approach to a gentle face-lift. It offers a safe, non-surgical face-lift for improved skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and taking years off appearance. Chemical creams and ointment enhancements are often short lived. Surgery may offer more dramatic results, but may also be more expensive, higher risk, and leave a tight skin look rather than a natural contoured muscle. The ezzi-lift is safe, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, painless and effective.
Microcurrent electro impulses stimulate and smooth different facial muscles for smoother, fuller skin and an improved tighter appearance. No more worry and ongoing expense of Botox, filler injections or surgery. Look younger naturally!

Typical Improvements Include:

  1. Smoother, tighter skin texture on the treated areas with a less ‘pitty’ appearance
  2. Lifted eyebrow
  3. Lifted eyelid for brighter more open eyes
  4. Smoothed, flattened and lightened circles under the eyes
  5. Perkier, lifted cheeks
  6. Lifted expression line between the nose and outer lips
  7. Lifted jaw

Benefits of ezzi-lift

•         See results immediately - and for as long as 7-10 days after application.

•         Improve scar tissue appearance, reduce acne breakouts. 

•         Improvements are subtle, natural and over time noticeable improvements accumulate for more impressive and even longer lasting results.

•         Non-drug, non-invasive facial massage has no downtime, no redness or puffiness.

•         Microcurrent facial stimulates the body’s own system to naturally increase production of elastin and collagen and rejuvenate atrophied facial muscles. 

•         Targeted areas of massage stimulation help the lymphatic system flush unwanted cell waste products and toxins from the body for improved skin appearance .

 •         Massage may be targeted to traditional acupuncture points that stimulate the entire  body’s meridian energy for an increased sense of wellbeing and improved overall health. 

See many before & after videos as well as testimonials HERE. Before & after photos HERE

FAQ are HERE        View tech sheet HERE

 Kit includes Ezzi-lift blue device (no photodynamics), manual, finger probe, pencil, leadwires, and CD instruction guide. 

Note: Microcurrent Units / Kits will be shipped separately from other accessories.

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