Electrode Pad Assortment

Our ultimate best deal! Get 25 of our different pad designs, one set each!  Try out every shape and size to find your favorites, this package is almost 50% off buying them individually!

-25mm rounds

-15x40 & 80x20 strips

-25x35 & 35x50 & 50x60 rectangles

-small, medium, & large ovals

-small & large corners

-18x38 shovels

-20x40 moons

-30x60 beans

-40x20 teardrops

-small & large arrows

-small & large palms


-30x50 hourglasses

-17x70 peri pads

-corner-tails variety pack

-small bipolar wrap  & solid bipolar butterfly


*subject to change, if one pad is out of stock the closest shape/size will be substituted instead*

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