15 x 15 mm Square Conductive Cloth with 4 snaps

Now use the conductive properties of our amazing cloth to make your own electrodes! Each square is 150 mm x 150 mm and comes with 4 connecting snaps so you can create your own shapes and sizes. It cuts easily with normal scissors. Warning!- they are not meant to be bipolar, don't connect to two snaps at once or risk short-circuiting your unit. 
Remember- All cloth Electrodes require a TENS Unit or Muscle Stimulator power box to work! 
Features: One size fits all! Easy access to electrode pins. Light-weight and cozy. Suitable for personal and home care, compatible with multiple TENS and electrotherapy devices. They offer stimulation without skin irritation or need for adhesives or gels, providing a great alternative to patients that suffer from allergic reactions to conventional E-Stim therapies or adhesives. Electrotherapy Conductive cloth is made with high quality silver knit mesh material that is FDA approved and is more conductive than many other products on the market. Our conductive accessories utilize a neo-foam material, which is more breathable alternative to neoprene, preventing excessive heat and perspiration. 
The strips should be worn slightly damp to improve current flow (salt water works best). When finished, wash with water and air-dry. 
Directions: Remove jewelry from area that will be covered. Wet strip and remove excess by rolling in towel to leave it slightly damp. Place ground electrode on the appropriate portion of the body nearby.
Warnings: Product use should be in accordance with the directions and specification of the stimulation device. Improper use of this or any electrotherapy electrode may result in a patient burn. Should skin rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your practitioner. The electrodes should be discarded and replaced if damaged or when comfort can no longer be obtained. If in doubt about the integrity for proper function of any electrode, replace before proceeding. 
Other Information: Care of Cloth
Electrode Conductive Cloth is washable -- they may be machine washed, or hand washed with mild soap and cold water; use delicate/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry. Do not use bleach. Storage:  Disconnect the cabling (lead wire) and store garment in sealed plastic bag. Garment should be completely dried before placing in plastic bag.

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