BF AvazziaLife Genesis

An affordable at home unit especially for beginners with a new plug and play algorithm option. Contains Modulation, Dose and Zeroing capability giving live data on the biofeedback process and body's responses. 

Included modes: 

77 Hz - Scar tissue acts as a barrier to inter-cellular communication and has often been shown to be a participating factor in persistent pain.  ( D. Perry, J. Colthurst, P. Giddings, D.A. McGrouther, J. Morris, A. Bayat Journal of Wound Care, Vol. 19, Iss. 10, 14 Oct 2010, pp 447 - 453). This frequency has been shown by many micro current users to have its greatest effect on scar tissue.

121 Hz with modulation 3:1(Acute) Also contains a damping of "2"  Used for Acute injuries, inflammation, little wings, etc.

Blue Stimulation - Powerful healing algorithm - Used to consolidate Sports Injuries, heal wounds, mitochondrial recharge and so much more!

Sana Cycle - a brand new algorithm that incorporates biofeedback and cycles through the others. Simply place the pads on the area, turn it on and let it heal!


Black Friday special: get a free Mitochondrial recharge kit with Genesis kit purchase! 


 Note: Microcurrent Units / Kits will be shipped separately from other accessories.

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