BF AvazziaLife Evolution

A hospital in your hand!

Deluxe Kit includes the Avazzia Evolution unit plus user manual, sheet of 4 2-inch pads, sheet of 4 curved pads, bipolar vagus nerve pad, ear clips, brush, pencil, y probe with sleeve, accessory leadwire, 2-pin leadwire, and large carry pouch. 

Comes with FREE small Qi Wave PEMF pad!


Now you can have the BEST of everything - loaded with all of our favorite frequencies and algorithms.  Avazzia Evolution contains Modulation, Dose and Zeroing capability in two frequencies giving live data on the biofeedback process and body's responses. 

Included modes: 

FM 7-12a  (Alpha) For Vagus nerve stimulation and general brain well-being  

FM 32-45g- (Gamma) For PTSD and other brain rehab protocols

Improved RSI For maximum cellular regeneration energy, includes reactions capability

60 Hz - Calcium ions entering the cell activate a variety of enzyme molecules.  The enzymes in turn, are catalysts, geatly accelerating biochemical processes. - (A 60 Hz signal increases calcium influx) (see Adey 1996 - James Oschman - Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis). Includes reactions capability  

77 Hz - Scar tissue acts as a barrier to inter-cellular communication and has often been shown to be a participating factor in persistent pain.  ( D. Perry, J. Colthurst, P. Giddings, D.A. McGrouther, J. Morris, A. Bayat Journal of Wound Care, Vol. 19, Iss. 10, 14 Oct 2010, pp 447 - 453). This frequency has been shown by many micro current users to have its greatest effect on scar tissue.

121 Hz with modulation 3:1(Acute) Also contains a damping of "2"  Used for Acute injuries, little wings, etc.

350 Hz - Powerful and deep effect on pain caused by inflammation

Blue Stimulation - Powerful algorithm - Used to consolidate Sports Injuries


 Note: Microcurrent Units / Kits will be shipped separately from other accessories.

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