Hypoallergenic Suction Ball Electrodes

These combine multiple delightful sensations. They are unipolar electrodes, meaning two are required to create a sensation pathway.  Suction is activated simply by squeezing the ball after a seal to the surface is achieved .  Great for those allergic to normal adhesive electrodes.

They work very well on flatter surfaces where it's easier to get a good seal, such as the perineal area, thigh or back. Other areas can work well with a little Tensive gel applied. 

They come in two sizes, small (1/2 inch) and large (1 inch). Connect to them via snap on top of the screw or put a pin or banana plug in the hole and screw the connector down. Snap is the most secure however. ***NOTE- these fit the larger 3.9mm snap!*** We have adapters available here or purchase them together at a discount.