Spending hours at the poker table?

                         Muscles tired and sore?                                                              

                                                     No problem! 

Don’t wait for a masseuse to come around and not hit the right spot anyway…do it yourself with a simple pocket remote!

INTRODUCING... electrical muscle massagers. Flex and relax your muscles without even trying, it does it all for you! Choose multiple patterns: continuous, pulsing, or variations. Up to 10 intensity levels. 

Just stick the pads on either side of where it hurts, turn it on, and off you go! Hidden under your clothes, no one near you will even know :)


                     Basic One Channel Power Unit                                          Deluxe Two Channel Power Unit

Basic kit comes with:  power unit, battery, manual,                   Deluxe kit comes with: power unit with velvet pouch,

leadwire cable, curved pads, bean pads, square pads,                power cords, manual, 2 leadwire cables, curved pads, 

and a neck pad.                                                                      bean pads, square pads, a back pad, and large C pads. 

      Fast or slow pulses, dial for intensity level                                 Six different massage patterns, 10 intensity levels

*Is both a power source for cables, and a massager by itself*        *Looks and controls very similar to an MP3 player*

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