After several months of work and planning, we are finally ready to go live with the website. We hope you all are as happy with the end result as we are, and that you come back often. Please don't be strangers, and please do communicate with us your questions, concerns, and especially suggestions. We're always open to new ideas and can probably get made anything you can dream up, so hey, ask!

We have been in 'soft launch' for a little over a month, and our GRAND OPENING starts today, Dec 26, 2012. 

We appreciate all the support and patience everyone has shown and all the suggestions that have made this site so much better than it was. Now that our initial inventory has all arrived we're ready to go full steam ahead!

Look for our weekly newsletter, and take advantage of our atom feeds anytime a new article is posted or a new item is added to our selection. 

If you're a beginner, feel free to ask any questions you have. If you're experienced, or not, we always welcome feedback and input. We will be doing features on specific products occasionally and I might invite you to write a guest blog (and receive a free gift for doing so). 

Thanks for your support and Happy Stimming!

Written by MarLeice Hyde — December 26, 2012