Best Vet for animals

No prescription is required to purchase these devices.
Best-Vet and Best-Vet Pro give veterinarians, pet-lovers and livestock owners a way to treat pain and soreness without drugs or surgery. Using microcurrent specifically designed for animals' sensitive systems, Best-Vet products offer soothing massage. Stimulating animals own healing resources may improve the well-being and performance of pets, livestock and competition animals. 
Best-Vet devices are a painless, Non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment for acute and chronic pain in animals, either through direct application of the device’s onboard electrodes or by using conductive brush electrode, conductive pads or loop-and-hook sleeves.
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Soothes acute pain
  • Heals wounds faster
  • Helps with muscle soreness
  • Improves range of motion including "locked-up" joints
  • Gentle massage helps sense of well-being, reduces stress
  • Increase perfusion for better blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage

Ranchers have used BEST-Vet to help revive calves; hunters have used BEST-Vet to help their dogs recover after a hard day in the field; horsemen and horsewomen have used BEST-Vet in a variety of applications – to help range of motion, improve wound healing and treat founder (laminitis).

Avazzia Best-Vet Modes

 In general, the programs are used as followed. However, all treatments are extremely flexible.



For general wear-and-tear, tendon and ligament injuries.

Massage For body soreness, muscle spasms, and relaxation.
Vet Mode For edemas and swelling.
Acute Mode For acute pain from fresh injuries.


Kit comes with device, manual, comb, conductive pads, accessory leadwire, pad leadwire and carry pouch. 


Note: Microcurrent Units / Kits will be shipped separately from other accessories.

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